Satellite Image Processing Laboratory

  • Matlab 2009b (High-level language platform with interactive environment), ENVI 4.3/IDL. (ENVI-Processing and analysis of Geospatial satellite imagery); IDL-scientific programming language platform especially for visualization are available.

GIS Laboratory

  • Arc GIS with modules – spatial analyst, 3D analyst, Geostatistical analyst, survey analyst, Publisher and QGIS also available

Photogrammetric Laboratory

  • Application with reference to Geo-location and Navigation; GPS and INS Integration; Light table, Aerial photograph, Mirror and pocket Stereoscopic and Parallax are available.

Surveying laboratory

  • The Surveying Laboratory has variety of modern surveying equipment, such as GPS-based surveying equipment, total stations, Digital theodolites, and automatic levels for basic instructional and research purposes. Geo-informatics students use the laboratory as an integral part of their surveying coursework and obtain any topographic information.