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Department of Aeronautical Engineering

About the Department

One of the rarely offered specialization subjects till recently, Aeronautical Engineering was the first UG programme that was started by Park College of Engineering Technology in the year 1997 along with two other disciplines namely Mechanical Engineering and EEE. Aeronautical Engineering department is considered to be the pioneer in this part of the country. Considering its excellent performance, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has chosen the department for imparting training for their management trainees.

Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation, AICTE, the department offers ME programme also in Aeronautical Engineering. PCET has the unique honour of being the only self-financing institution to offer this programme. It has got recognition as a research department to offer Ph.D. programme and collaborative research with Anna University.

Highlights of the Department

  • Rolling trophy installed by IAF, in recognition of the contribution of the college to Defense services.
  • Wind tunnels, (Subsonic and supersonic) Water tunnel, two Avon Jet engines, Beach craft, Leer jet Aircraft among major lab equipment’s.
  • Fellowship awarded by NASA, USA to two alumni.
  • Majority placed at ISRO, DRDO, NAL, HAL, ADA and IAF.


To enhance the status of the department as a professionally renowned academic and research centre and cater to the needs of the student community in every manner possible.

An Institution dedicated to excellence and leadership in the field of aeronautical and aerospace education to prepare the students of quality to face the ever changing requirement and maintenance in association, with aeronautical and aerospace industry.


To provide our students with excellent education and the skills they need to achieve professional success in their Aeronautical / Aerospace career in the private sector and also in the aeronautical research, development and operational activities of the defense services.

To inculcate in our students the professional and civic values required for leading the country in its quest for development. To provide a regular system of continuous evaluation, to assess individual performance in class tests and qualifying examinations so as to improve the capabilities and quality of the students.

Laboratory Details:

  • Aerodynamics Laboratory
  • Propulsion Laboratory
  • Aeroengine and AirFrame Laboratory
  • Aircraft Systems Laboratory
  • Aircraft Structures Laboratory

Aerodynamics Laboratory

The Aerodynamics lab is equipped with two types (suction and blower) wind tunnels, with cascade facility for testing of Gas Turbine Compressor and Turbine blades.

Other infrastructural facilities include smoke flow visualization setup, hot-wire anemometer, six component The Aerodynamics lab is equipped with two types (suction and blower) wind tunnels, with cascade force balance setups etc.

Propulsion Laboratory

The Propulsion Laboratory is well equipped with components of Gas Turbine Engines, air jet facility using which the students are given exposure to the working principle of the various propulsion systems.

Aeroengine and AirFrame Laboratory

Study of Piston Engines and Jet Engine working Principles.

Study of different structures of aircraft

Aircraft Systems Laboratory

Aircraft Structures Laboratory

The aircraft structures lab is equipped with different types of test setups like beams, columns, using which the Aeronautical Engineering Students are taught about the various types of loads that will act on the aircraft structure

Research Center

The department has initiated research activities way back in 2008 and the student and staff worked on the following in house and then sponsored projects.

In House Projects(completed)

  • Design and fabrication of 750 W and 1.5 kW Wind turbines
  • Analysis of flow through combustor
  • Aeroengine and AirFrame Laboratory
  • Hot Streak Ignition

Sponsored Projects(completed)

  • Exploration of the boundary of the Low Reynolds number performance of small engine turbine blade sponsored by GTRE (Gas Turbine Research Establishment).
  • Experimental characteristics of wind turbine blade over full 0 to 360 degree angle of attack sponsored by C-WET (Centre for Wind Energy Technology) under Ministry of New and Renewable energy, Government of India.
  • Optimization of turbine parameter at lower operating speed, theoretical and experiment evolution of turbine characteristics sponsored by NSTL (National Science and Technological Laboratory).
  • Study of the feasibility of a small wind turbine for power generation at a high altitude site sponsored by SASE, DRDO.
  • Pump jet propulsor for submarine sponsored by NSTL, DRDO.
  • In 2016 Research group encouraged the alumni to initiate startup companies and take up project with the infrastructure an available in the college.

Career Placements

Park Aero mentored the students and counselled them to apply for DRTO, IAF, HAL, NAL, ISRO, and for higher studies. There is a long list of alumni who are working in the above organizations as well as in Private industries like TCS, INFOTECH, INFOSYS, GE, HONEY WELL, AIRBUS, and the alumni who got their doctorates in foreign universities, IISC, IITs are working as associate professors in abroad and in India.

Few Alumni with High Profile








B.M Jeyajanaki

Aeronautical Engg


Scientist F



Dharani Madala

Aeronautical Engg


CEO & Director

Analyzer CAE Solutions Pvt Ltd


Dr. M. Muthu Kumar

Aeronautical Engg



Fludyn Technology Centre


Levin Prabhu

Aeronautical Engg


Senior Divisional Finance Manager – Mysore Railway Division

Indian Railways


Dr Dominic Chandar

Aeronautical Engg


Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Queens University


1.Memorandum of Understanding with VESRAD Technologies Pvt.Ltd, Kalpakkam,Tamilnadu

This Memorandum of Understanding is made between VESRAD Technologies Pvt Ltd.,(Corporate Identity Number: U74999TN2017 PTC 115255) having its premise at 136 AME Nagar, Neikuppy Village, Kalpakkam – 603 102, Tamil Nadu, and PARK College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.

VESRAD is a Start-up Enterprise for Aero-Mechanical Products and Technologies,promoted by Aeronautical Engineering Alumni of PCET, which acts as an Incubation Centre.This MoU contains the modalities and terms and conditions for the Co-operative Programme in Research and Development, Academic Training, Interaction and Advice in the areas to be mutually decided by both the parties VESRAD and PCET hereby agree to introduce a co-operative programme in Research and Development, Academic Training, Interaction and Advice in areas to be mutually decided by both the parties. The intention of parties to this agreement is that the programme will complement each other’s strength and will benefit both the parties. This will be strengthened by VESRAD/PCET soliciting and undertaking sponsored, grant – in aid and consultancy R&D programmes for the Indian Defence Services, Central and State Government Agencies and Private Industry. VESRAD will provide facilities and guidance to the undergraduate/post graduate students and academic staff of PCET for the conduct of academic studies and R&D, whereas PCET will provide students manpower, staff and make available its infrastructural test facilities including those at the Seshachari – PARK Research Centre for conducting R&D studies in areas of mutual interest.

Some of the areas identified are:

  • Aero-Mechanical indigenisation programmes of the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy and CEMILAC.
  • To act as a Referral centre for the Indian Defence Services for specialised R&D studies leading to products.
  • Societal programmes related to the harnessing of renewable energy sources such as Wind and Solar Energy
  • Desalination
  • Aero-Propulsion studies with specialisation in Combustion, Heat transfer, Gas Dynamics and CFD
  • Non-aeronautical applications of CFD and Heat transfer.

2.Memorandum of Understanding with FE & TECH, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

The Parties has decided to agree to establish industry – academic collaboration in areas of mutual interest and in accordance with tenus and conditions set forth in·the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), FE & TECH and Park college of Engineering and Technology agree on the following activities:

  • FE & TECH will provide support to design course curriculum at Park College of Engineering and Technology which would be relevant for industry
  • The courses relevant to industry are offered at Park College of Engineering and Technology, senior officials from FE & TECH will share their knowledge and experience by way of taking sessions, participating in seminars and other academic activities of Park College of Engineering and Technology.
  • FE & TECH will offer internship to interested students of Park College of Engineering and Technology, at its offices / project locations / other preferred locations.
  • Depending of requirement, FE & TECH may offer specific projects with identified deliverables to be executed by Park College of Engineering and Technology. Details modalities including financials would be mutually worked out for each project / assignment