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Department of Medical Electronics

About the Department

B.E: Medical Electronics is a four-year graduation course that deals with the study of devices and technologies used in the field of medicine. B.E: Medical Electronics course in medical electronics includes research, development and designing of the machinery used in the healthcare sector such as ultrasound machine, MRI, CT scan, X-ray. B.E: Medical Electronics course includes the topics that help the student to link the knowledge of medical science with the electronics.

B.E: Medical Electronics includes the study of the basics of medical science, understanding the working and mechanics of medical electronics and the role of artificial intelligence and software development in the development of medical devices. B.E: Medical Electronics is the study of the design, mechanics and software development of the devices used for diagnostic purposes in the medical sector.


The Department of Medical Electronics Engineering’s vision is to be the premier engineering platform in the world, based on the excellence of our people, our innovative multidisciplinary and enabling research, and our discovery-centered educational programs. We strive to pioneer the transfer of Medical Electronics engineering research into applications that will advance and improve health care throughout the world.


The mission of the Department of Medical Electronics Engineering is:

To develop clinically translatable solutions for human health by training the next generation of engineers, cultivating leaders, and nurturing the integration of science, engineering, and medicine in a discovery-centered environment.

Scope of B.E: Medical Electronics

B.E: Medical Electronics opens up an opportunity for the candidate to work with the industries that help in the development, manufacturing and supply of the medical devices that are in large demand at any condition of the nation’s economy. If a student finds himself somewhere in the situation mentioned above, then to be a graduate of B.E: Medical Electronics is the best choice. Medical Electronics engineers and technologists have various opportunities in the medical institutes, healthcare industries, hospitals, Manufacturing units, government sectors, research and development centres. Medical electronic technologists have a wide scope of jobs in companies abroad.