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Department of B.E Robotics and Automation Engineering

About the Department

Welcome to the department of Robotics and Automation, Park College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. Our department is inaugurated in the year 2018. The Robotics and Automation program focus on equipping the students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to excel in the rapidly evolving fields of robotics and automation. The program provides a deep understanding of the theoretical principles and practical applications involved in creating robotic systems and implementing automated processes.

The key areas of focus within the Robotics and Automation program include: Robot Design and Development, Control System, Sensing and Perception, Automation processes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Human-Robot Interaction, Industrial Application, Innovation and Research and Hands-on projects. In the realm of robotics and automation, our students shine brilliantly in placements. Their exceptional technical prowess, innovative thinking, and dedication set them apart, making us proud to see them excel as future leaders in this dynamic field.


To raise engineers and researchers for industrial competitiveness and societal challenges with an interdisciplinary approach, in part, attitudes and ethical values with the ability to apply acquired knowledge, to have a productive career.


  • To equip the students with adequate knowledge in the field of Robotics and Automation through effective teaching and learning process to meet industrial expectations.
  • To enhance the research initiatives in the department, focusing on a project-based approach in collaboration with industries.


  • Our institution boasts a dedicated robotics laboratory equipped with the state-of-the-art “Yaskawa Industrial Robot GP12,” providing our students hands-on experience at the forefront of automation technology.
  • Additionally, our department offers simulation tools, specialized workstations, and a collaborative workspace that empowers students to design, build, and test robotic systems. With these exceptional resources, students are prepared to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of robotics and automation.

Awards and Recognitions


Faculty Name & Designation

Awards and Recognitions



· Papers Published : National – 8; International – 10;

· National/ International Conference Conference Participated : 17

· FDP Participated : 23





· Papers Published : 6

· National/ International Conference Participated : 5

· Book Published : 1

· FDP Participated : 1



· Papers Published : 6

· National/ International Conference Participated : 10

· FDP Participated : 7

· NPTEL Course Completed: 4

· 100 % Results produced in 5 Subjects during Nov/Dec 2021, Apr/ May 2022 & Nov/Dec 2022 Examinations.

· SPOC of Naan Mudhalvan – A Skill Development Programme Initiative by Tamilnadu Chief Minister & TNSDC.

· Examcell Coordinator for overall college.





· Papers Published : 1

· FDP Participated : 1

· NPTEL Course Completed: 1

· 100 % Results produced in 2 Subjects during Nov/Dec2022 & April/ May 2023 Examinations.

· Naan Mudhalvan Course Coordinator for the Course “Industrial Robotics and Automation”

· Best Teacher Award for AY: 2016-2017.

Center of Excellence

Centering on excellence, our department houses a specialized robotics lab furnished with the ‘Yaskawa GP12,’ a six-axis industrial robot renowned for its prowess in welding and material handling tasks, enriching our Robotics and Automation offerings.

Career and Placements










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